Zen Massage Dilworth - Phase 2 Guidelines

We will follow the guidelines listed on Governor Cooper’s website for massage therapy businesses, as well as add our own extra steps.

  • Any clients who show signs of illness will be asked to leave.

  • Every MT has the right to refuse to massage a client that they feel may be sick.

  • Mts will sanitize the face cradle between each massage.

  • MTs will wash hands in between each massage.

  • MTs will bring their own face covering to wear.

  • If a client forgets to wear a face covering, the MT can choose to either only do a face down massage or, when the client flips over to use the face cradle cover to cover their nose and mouth.

  • No couples massages for now.

  • Laundry will continue to be washed in hot water with bleach added.

  • All staff is encouraged to use hand sanitizer often. 

  • Door knobs will be sanitized daily.

  • Clients will practice social distancing during check in/out and while waiting for their massage. Clients will be asked to wait outside if possible.


50% Capacity as listed on Governor Cooper’s website under “Interim Guidance for Salons, Massage and Personal Care Business Settings”

The Guidance states: “Limit occupancy to no more than 50 percent of the stated fire capacity or 12 per 1,000 square feet if there is not a fire code number readily available.” 

Frequently Asked Questions for Executive Order No. 141 May 20, 2020: How is Emergency Maximum Occupancy calculated for retail and personal care and grooming businesses? Limit the number of customers in the store to fifty percent of stated fire capacity (or, for spaces without a stated fire capacity, no more than twelve customers for every 1,000 square feet of the location’s total square footage).

Zen 1 is 2500 sqft, so 50% capacity is 30 clients. Zen 1 only has 4 rooms = 4 clients, which is only 13% of the 50% capacity.

Zen 2 is 1800 sqft, so 50% capacity is 21 clients. Zen 2 only has 8 rooms = 8 clients, which is only 38% of the 50% capacity.

At most, Zen could only see a maximum of 12 clients at a time (no couples for now) even though we are allowed to see 51 clients a time based on the square footage. Even when Zen is functioning at full capacity with 4 couples’ rooms (8 clients) plus 8 single rooms (8 clients), that is only 16 clients.


We look forward to seeing you back at Zen.

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