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Zen Massage Charlotte in Dilworth is turning away around 50 - 60 clients per week! Our clients are so happy we are open but our current staff is booked and the phone continues to ring off the hook!

Give us a try with no obligation on your part. Simply pick up as many shifts as you want, for as long as you want. You will make great money and huge tips. This is an easy way for you to make some extra money and have a lot of fun in the process. At Zen Massage, our focus is on healing clients in a positive and happy work environment. This is why most of our therapists have been with us 6-13 years!

*We also offer Health Insurance for our Massage Therapists.

We recently updated our center with refinished hardwood floors, new paint and the addition of several Oakworks Electric Lift Tables. Our two historic homes feature massage rooms that are huge (13ft x 13ft) with multiple windows and lots of natural light.

We are not a Franchise and we do not sell memberships or products, therefore you do not have to sell anything. Your only job at Zen is massage therapy, so you can focus on helping and healing.

We do not mind if you have a job at another massage center, chiropractor or have your own business.

Feel free to email your resume to or call Zen Massage Dilworth to learn more about what makes the Zen Family so special.


Zen Massage Dilworth

1021 East Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28203



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We have been voted "Best Massage" in Charlotte by :
Rachael Ray Magazine, Charlotte Magazine, Yelp, Foursquare.


We look forward to hearing from you!



Since 2005, Zen Massage has been fortunate to work with so many talented and professional massage therapists. These gifted therapists are highly experienced, with an intention to help and heal every client.

All of our therapists are licensed and certified by the NC Board of Massage and Bodywork.


Here at Zen, we keep it simple.

Since we are not a franchise location, the atmosphere, and feeling is uplifting and supportive.

We are the original Zen Massage location that is still privately owned by the original founders.


The Zen Massage location in Dilworth is one of the busiest massage centers in the US.

We consistently performing 400 - 500 massage sessions per week.

We are currently turning away between 50 - 60 appointments per week.





Since we do not sell contracts or memberships, our clients enjoy the simplicity of paying the same price every time. This is one of the many reasons why our therapists receive excellent tips. Plus, our therapists do not feel the pressure of "pre-selling" memberships or "up-sell" products or services. 


Zen therapists make consistent money week after week because we are always busy. Most of our therapists take home between $850 and $1300 per week, depending on their schedule.


We use electric Oakworks Proluxe lift tables with an adjustable chest/clavicle pad.

Since our buildings are historic (built in 1931), most of our (12) therapy rooms are huge at 13ft x 13ft!

You will enjoy all of the natural light from the windows in our rooms, plus you have plenty of space to get into the proper positions to perform your therapies.


Zen is a stress/drama free - positive environment. You are not micro-managed or pressured to perform more massage services than you are comfortable doing. Your only job is to do what you love. You can customize your schedule to fit your needs. Work full-time or part-time with us, plus we don’t mind if you have your own massage business or work at another massage center.


Most of our therapists have been working with us for 6-14 years. We have little turnover because our therapists love working in such a positive and supportive environment while making a steady income.

Give us a try - work a few shifts an see why Zen is what you have been looking for.

No obligation or long-term contracts - simply work on your terms.

Our "Zen Philosophy" is quite simple: 

“Happy therapists make happy clients.”

If you are interested in joining the Zen Family, feel free to contact us at

704-342-0996 or email us at

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