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You and a guest can get massages at the same time,
just not in the same room.

Our Online Booking Portal is being updated.
Currently "Couples" is listed, but it is not available.


If there are no appointments available on the day you want, you can join the Zen Waiting List by filling out the form below.
Make sure you select the specific day you want to be on the waiting list. If we get any cancellations we will be in touch. 

You have been added to our Wait List!

We will be in touch when an appointment opens up.



We are currently not offering couples massages where clients

receive massages in the same room. We hope to start this service soon,

but there is no start date as of now. 

You can schedule services at the same time, but you will be in separate rooms.


Only 1 Hour & 2 Hour services can be booked online.

Please call 704-342-0996 to schedule any 90 minute services.

Enter the name of EACH CLIENT when booking for (2) people.

PREGNANCY MASSAGE can only be performed if you are at least (4) months pregnant (after the first trimester).

Appointments are booked back-to-back, so please arrive a few minutes early.

(If you arrive late to your appointment, you will only receive the time left.)

MINORS (under the age of 18) cannot book online. A parent must call the center to schedule an appointment and sign a release form.

Please call Zen at 704-342-0996 to schedule

the following services:


90 minute or 2 hour service.

Minors (under the age of 18) 

* $35 Same Day Cancellation

& No-Show Fee Per Service

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